Equipped with customer service mindset

Entire staff ready with English speaking skills
Customer service available 24/7 — communication with customer readily established as business starts

High quality service mindset established through long-time response to primary and secondary vendors including Samsung and LG

Work Process

Emergency communication system in case issues arise during public holidays

Import Process

Air/Ocean import and customs clearance procedures and rushed transport

Export Process

Detailed description of the ocean & air export customs clearance procedures and paperwork

Customs Clearance

Managing customer service

Preliminary coordination of documents and checking accurate tax rates with customer's staff
Prepared for customs clearance any time meeting customer's needs (directly responding to the customs of competent jurisdiction)
Customs clearance without customs registration possible with Hanoi branch's own account

Customs Agent Certificate available

Vietnamese customs approved certificate
Customs clearance without customs registration possible with Hanoi branch's own account

Special Management

Detailed responses in the import customs clearance of used equipment and facilities
Handling liquidation based on customer's data (managing the Chinese-style 'manual')
Quick response to various licenses, quality tests, and certification processes

Handling C/O

Much experience in handling different types of certificate of origin intended to collect export tax benefits at destinations

PSC(Form A) — general preferential tariff system (Europe-Vietnam) by VCCI
* VCCI : Vietnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry

VK, AK, AC (Form D, E) — ASEAN, South Korea, China-Vietnam by MOIT
* MOIT : Ministry of Commerce & Industry


Vehicles owned by our partners — trucks to be arranged by type

Different trucks arranged at the request of customers
All vehicles equipped with GPS and vibration measuring device

Logistics Service

Staff experienced in yard operation, customs clearance, and vehicle operation ready / sufficient equipment available through close cooperation numerous partners

Special Inbound

Experienced in handling the transport of equipment and heavy cargo
Much experience in transporting heavy cargo in low-bed or Flat Rack(FR) containers throughout Vietnam or to neighboring countries


Warehouse management system

It can operate the logistics center, covering inventory management at check-in & check-out, task management, and KPI management with customer data
(bonded warehouse, ordinary warehouses, refrigerated warehouse)


Realizing packaging service by shipment type

Warehouse operation available and some of airport operations available

Vaccum Packing

Wrapping & Banding

Wooden Packing

SKID Packing

SKID Material