Human Resources Management

HRM Principles

YALE GLS finds its competitive edge in people.

YALE GLS believes that up-valuing people and providing an excellent working environment leads to improved customer service.

Company Divisions

Management Support Division

A division that covers the general operations of the company management 

General affairs
Strategic Planning

Logistics Sales Division

A division that handles customer development such as sales development, management, marketing

Logistics consulting
Overseas sales

Operation Division

A division that handles export and import with different modes of transport, serving as a contact for cargo owners

Air export & import
Ocean export & import
International express delivery
Logistics operation

Welfare Benefits


Performance-based pay through employee evaluation
Travel expenses for employees working overtime
Reward for long-time employees

Subsidizing Employees' Participation in Cultural Events

Providing employee discounts for musicals, concerts, etc. to promote company staff's enjoyment through cultural activities

Medical Care & Health

Regular health checks provided to keep company staff healthy


Allowances for family events
Gifts for traditional holidays and anniversaries
Subsidies to staff's children's schooling (college education)

Educational Expenses Subsidized

Language class tuition covered
Book purchase covered
Education that helps improve job skills covered

Stay at Recreational Facilities Covered

Stay at major permanent nationwide recreational facilities covered

In-Company Clubs

In-company hobbies covered

In-Company Events

Events designed to boost staff solidarity such as workshops and sports competitions covered